Carol Labor-Bangura, DrPH(c)

Founder and Chief Development Officer

Madame Labor-Bangura, M.S.Ed., DrPH (c) is the Founder and Chief Development Officer of Schools Without Borders. Born in Sierra Leone, West Africa, Madame  Labor-Bangura is an award winning educator and advocate. Madame Labor-Bangura holds a Bachelor of Art degree in Organizational Development,  a Master of  Science degree in Education, and is a Doctor of Public Health Candidate. Madame Labor-Bangura's passion for ending SRGBV stems from her personal experiences as a survivor of gender-based violence. As a child, Madame Labor-Bangura found her comfort through reading. As an adult, Madame Labor-Bangura found her voice and her purpose as an advocate to end all forms gender-based violence with a special focus on school related gender-based violence. The GIRLS!  Project merges Madame Labor-Bangura's passion, pain, and purpose. Madame  Labor-Bangura's vision is to end SRBGV one girl at a time.